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Week 13: Here is the link to the official runtimes of flash by Adobe. Don’t worry fellow flash-ians! The future will be bright for you! 
Though the discussion will not end soon whether or not flash is dead, it is clear to see that the future will bring new things to the World Wide Web.html5-vs-flash-small
Week 12: Here are some infographics regarding flash vs. Html5:


Flash-vs-HTML5 flash-vs-html5-video

Week 11: Flash is still mainly used by game developers, which is a main reason why flash will be staying for a while.

Week 10: Here are the disadvantages to flash:
1. Some organizations block Flash Movies from being received through the Internet

While this is partly motivated by fears of Flash viruses and Flash hackers, the greater motivation is disciplining staff. Many managers of private companies do not want their employees playing Flash games at their office computers, so they will ban Flash movies at work through technical blockers on the network. Do not be surprised if your employer chooses to implement a ban of Flash at your office.
2. Not everyone has the required Flash Player plugin

Because people do not like “blinking things” on their screens, some users choose to disable or not install Flash Player.
3. Flash .swf movies can be very time consuming to edit

It is very laborious work to change a Flash web page quickly. For this reason, you will almost never see a dynamic content page like a news site utilizing Flash for its rapidly-changing content. Instead, Flash is used more for decorative purposes, and for advertising and online gaming purposes.

Week 9: I wanted to focus this week on the benefits of flash:
1. Fast Loading to Your Screen
Unlike file attachments in an email, which you must wait to fully download before viewing, Flash movies start playing as the content is transmitted to you. While the Flash movie may be 6 megabytes large, you can start to watch the animation within moments, while the rest “streams” to your screen in the background. This makes Flash very desirable for web publishers, as it opens creative doors for them to make very powerful animations for their readers.
2. Vector Graphic Animation
“Vector graphics” are different from “raster graphics” (jpg, gif, png, bmp graphics). Vector graphics use math formulas to draw animation shapes, while raster graphics save millions of tiny colored dots to draw photos. This difference allows vector graphics to be very small file size, and very crisp at any resized format. For these two benefits, Flash designers use vector graphics to make powerful web page visuals that load to your screen very quickly and crisply.
3. Great Interactivity
Week 8: This week was mainly a week of looking at Youtube videos about flash, html5, and the comparisons. I really enjoyed watching a couple so here is the links.
In this video, it is a comparison of HTML5 and Flash from a developer’s perspective:
This video is viewing HTML5 on an ipad (so you can compare to flash on a computer):
What do you think about html5? Is it a good replacement? Let me know and comment on my post, I would love to hear feedback.
Ps- here is a funny fake trailer for Html5 and CSS3… guess they really don’t like the replacement options lol:

Week 7:This week I decided to look at the technology that may be replacing flash in the future if that time comes. And Apple has put up some impressive demos of HTML5 / CSS3 in this link:
You will need a browser that supports both though.
Week 6: I stated last week that Apple may be the main reason for the cause of flash failing, but I wasn’t exactly sure if that is the main cause or if it is something else altogether. So I decided to search online as to why people are speculating that flash will be dead soon. I found online a guy who said “Flash is dying, but it’s not Apple that’s killing Flash. It’s three things: 1.) Ajax 2.) jQuery and 3.) HTML5. These technologies have been slowly killing Flash the last few years. Look around; sites that once used Flash have fazed it out: Yahoo, MSN, IGN and many others. Because of these technologies, Flash’s strengths are no longer there. It’s been relegated to advertisements and entertainment sites.”
Here is the link:
Week 5: Apple is one of the top companies in the world when it comes to computers, phones, and portable devices. It is also the main company that does not support flash media player. With so many people buying Apple products that do not support flash, maybe that is the main cause for flash failing.
Here is a link to Steve Jobs (RIP!) and his view on flash:

Week 4: As I said in my first post that many people have many different views on this matter of flash dying. I did a quick search about if flash is dead and I got all different kinds of bloggers and websites stating their opinions. Here are just some links that I found interesting;
This guy is very gung-ho on flash staying, in this article he states 5 main reasons flash is NOT dead:
And in this web article, an Adobe employee speaks out on the matter and confirms that “flash will eventually die”:
Week 3: I also decided to look into the different types of flash files, just to get educated and so people can understand a bit better. Flash uses the following file types and extensions:
FLA Flash file: This is the “master” document file for a flash project, i.e. the source file you work with in the Flash authoring program. These files can only be opened with Flash — not the Flash Player. To create the final product which is viewed by end users, export the appropriate file (usually SWF) from the FLA file.
FLV Flash Video: Supported from version 7, FLV files are the preferred format for delivering video clips via Flash.
SWF Flash delivery file: the file that end users see. This is a compressed version of the FLA file which is optimized for viewing in a web browser, the standalone Flash Player, or any other program which supports Flash. This file type cannot be edited in Flash.
SWT Flash template: This allows you to edit and replace information in a Flash movie file; for example, a Flash button in which you can replace the text, links, etc.
SWC Flash element: These files have customizable parameters which allow you to perform various application functions.
Week 2: Flash is a streaming animation for most web pages today. Sometimes Flash is a portion of an html web page, and sometimes a web page is made entirely of Flash. Either way, Flash files are called “Flash movies”. These are special .swf format files that beam to your web browser screen as you watch them.
Week 1: Is Flash really dead? What is flash anyways and why is it dying? There is a split outcome of opinions on this matter, weather flash is dead or still has a lifespan in this world of growing technology.